The Lorenzo Living Room


The Lorenzo Living Room: Timeless Italian Elegance

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of The Lorenzo Living Room, a classically inspired Italian set that exudes luxury and sophistication. Crafted by master artisans, each piece  is a testament to the elegance and quality that define Italian craftsman. This exquisite set is perfect for those who appreciate the grandeur of classic design and seek to bring a touch of opulence to their home.

Handcrafted Perfection with Premium Materials

The Lorenzo Living Room is built using the most premium fabrics and materials, ensuring each piece is both stunning and durable. The set features sparkling 24-Karat gold leaf, meticulously hand-applied by skilled artisans to guarantee maximal quality and shine. This attention to detail highlights the commitment to excellence that goes into every piece. Meticulous checks are performed both by our artisans and by us on arrival to ensure perfection. This ensures that each piece meets our exacting standards before it reaches your home. From the luxurious upholstery to intricate gold accents, The Lorenzo Living Room is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

Tailor your Living Room to Your Unique Taste

With The Lorenzo Living Room, customization is key. Choose from hundreds of different fabrics and fabric styles to create a look that perfectly complements your existing décor. Whether you prefer the rich, warm tones of traditional Italian design or the sleek elegance of silk fabrics. The range of customizations that Lorenzo offers means there’s something for everyone.


Experience the Legacy of Italian Craftsmanship

Each piece is made by Italian artisans with years of experience, dedicated to creating furniture that stands the test of time. Their entire process revolves around perfection, from the initial design to the final touches. Bring the legacy of Italian craftsmanship into your home with a set that combines classic beauty with modern versatility. Elevate your living space with a design that is both timeless and exquisite.


Set includes:

1 Sofa

2 Chairs