From the ground up

The year was 1990, the place was Flushing avenue, New York City. Isaac Menaged opened his retail tool store at 7AM and waited for the customers to pour in. After less than stellar sales in the first 6 months, he asked himself "What's going wrong?". He decided to take a walk through the streets of New York and ponder the question, "What can I do to sell more tools". After reaching the corner he saw a small storefront selling sofas for $200.00. Low on money and low on time he took a chance and spent the rest of the money he had on 3 of these sofas. He put them out on the sidewalk and offered anyone who bought a sofa a free tool of their choosing. Within 3 hours he sold every sofa, within 3 months he stopped selling tools and concentrated on furniture, and within 3 years he had 5 stores moving upwards of $500,000 worth of furniture a year! Travelling to foreign countries to negotiate with manufacturers and giving those discounts to the public were the name of the game. 30 years later we've increased our quality, dedicated ourselves to customer satisfaction, but have never forgotten who  we are or where we came from. Today French Furniture Orlando is the leader in providing classic Italian and French Provincial style furniture to the public. Fromgeneration to generation the motto has stayed the same "From our family to yours", never losing sight at the end of the day of what's important, family.A family that will forever grow and that we'd be honored for you to be apart of.