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What are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of “French Furniture”? Perhaps you think of the Palace of Versailles or the opulent homes of the ultra-wealthy. The good news is that you don’t have to travel to France to get inspired by stunning furniture. At French Furniture Orlando, we carry the most stunning pieces of furniture in our showroom. Learn why we are the top French Furniture store in Orlando, FL.

French Royal Furniture

French royal furniture is one of the most sophisticated and sought-after styles of furniture. It is crafted with the highest quality materials and exudes the presence of French kings, aristocracy, and the Parisian bourgeoisie. It is inspired by the arts in the era of Louis XIV of France. During his reign, there was the reconstruction of the lavish Palace of Versailles, which marked the culmination of the decorative arts. Furniture became a continuation of paintings and interview architecture that showcased the lust and luxury of the Parisian taste.

This period saw the rise of the “marquis” – which is the technique of applying pieces of veneer to create decorative patterns. French royal furniture was also rich in materials, as it emulated affluence – decorative leaves, trophies, shells, grotesques, and more. Additionally, there was an enthusiasm for exotic ornaments such as feathers, masks, and lacquer pieces from the East Indies.

French Furniture Names

Aside from the opulent style, you will notice that the names of the furniture are inspired by French aristocracy and royalty. It emulates the Louis XIV era, marquetry, and French Gothic Furniture. At French Furniture Orlando, you will notice that our furniture is aptly named – such as the “Delphine Bed” or the “Bridgette Sofa”.

What Makes French Furniture Ideal

There is nothing that says “I feel like a King” than living in a home filled with magnificent pieces of French furniture. French furniture is one of the most elegant and sophisticated future. After all, it was crafted for the French royal family and aristocracy. This style of furniture is known for its graceful curves. For instance, you’ll see a living room sofa with a wooden frame that has a curved design, as well as an intricate backrest, armrest, and feet. It is always complete with opulent and intricate details.

Quintessential French furniture is made of sturdy wood – which can last for decades. Whether it’s a bed or a side table, you’re going to have a quality piece of furniture for generations. The builders of our furniture use the highest quality materials. It’s all about the details – silky prints or embossed prints leave an impression of wealth and luxury.

Advantages of Owning French Furniture

Other than feeling like royalty, there are several benefits of putting French furniture in your home.

Quality Furniture That Lasts For Decades

French Furniture is made from the highest quality materials and the best upholstery. If you want your furniture to last for decades, choose pieces made from hardwood materials. French furniture will last for decades- so you will have valuable pieces that you can pass on to your offspring.

French furniture might seem so “luxurious” that some customers have reported that they are afraid to use it. Don’t be intimidated by the beauty of a chaise lounge or ornate bedframe. With the proper care, your furniture can last.

Simple Yet Elegant

What makes French furniture so ideal is that the style is simple yet elegant. It can transform even the most simple and sparse rooms into elegant and gorgeous spaces. These pieces can add a touch of class and elegance to a space with very little décor and plain walls. The furniture’s elegant curves coupled with printed accessories can transform a space.

Furniture That Tells a Story

French-style furniture is guaranteed to get attention and spark a conversation. There is so much to talk about – even the smallest details like the curved arches and brocade offer a rich history. Each piece of French furniture that you own has a history. When you buy a French-inspired sofa or bed, you are purchasing a story – taking cues from French luxury.  Learning about the origins of a piece of furniture adds an entirely new dimension of meaning for you and your home.

Its Design Is Easy To Work With

French furniture is easy to work with and can be incorporated into your living space. It can blend well with many styles of side tables, curtains, or other home ornaments. Additionally, this style of furniture goes well with rooms of all sizes, styles, and types. The French style can seamlessly adapt to all styles of furniture. You can style it with both modern and traditional furniture styles. Overall, the French style evokes a sense of charm and serenity that is elegant, durable, and functional as well as a great investment.

This style is not only suitable for a girl’s room. The French furniture style is very adaptable and can work for men’s rooms. Overall, adding a piece of French furniture in your living space will leave your guests awestruck and welcomed in your abode.

The French Furniture Style Is Accessible

You don’t have to be royalty or a king to be able to experience the elegance and charm that French furniture offers. These pieces of furniture are more accessible today, rather than restricted to only royalty. Even the average person can own and purchase French furniture.

French Furniture Store in Orlando FL

If you are looking for the most stunning pieces for your home, look no further than French Furniture Orlando. See why we are a top retailer and the top French furniture store in Orlando, FL

About French Furniture Orlando

French Furniture Orlando is a family-owned and operated French and Italian furniture store, carrying French provincial design styles. We are your destination for the finest furniture in Orlando.  Our showroom is located at 9320 South Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32837.  Can’t make it to our showroom? Browse our online catalog. See something you like? Call (407) 270-1111 or send us an email at


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