French Furniture Bedroom Design

One of the most distinct aspects of French Furniture is the boudoir – a place that inspires private moments, rest, and romance. There is something about the French furniture bedroom design that inspires all of that, and more – from the ornate bed frames to the armoires, chandeliers and chaise lounges. You’ll go to bed and wake up every morning feeling like royalty.

The Essence of French Furniture Style

The French furniture style is a mixture of antique furniture, varying from contemporary color schemes as well as beautiful decorative items like chandeliers. Instead of being “trendy”, the French design is one that values taste, comfort and refinement. The color scheme of French design can be either delicate or bold. Yet, it is always charming, inviting and elegant.

Decorate Your Bedroom Like The French

French design is known for its elegance, sophistication and blend of traditional and luxurious elements.  While there isn’t a strict set of rules for French bedroom design, there are several hallmark design aspects to it.

Luxurious Fabrics

Only the highest quality fine fabrics are used in French design. These include silk, velvet and damask. French interior is a tactile experience, and these fabrics also enhance the overall sense of opulence.


A sparkling chandelier is the epitome of French and Italian décor. Crystal or vintage-style chandeliers serve as focal points, casting a warm and romantic glow.

Floral Arrangements

Fresh flowers in decorative vases bring a touch of nature, adding life and freshness to the room. You can always go with fake flowers. However, we would recommend using a fresh bouquet of flowers, as that would add much-needed life to any space.

Large Mirrors

Full-length mirrors and ornate framed mirrors amplify the sense of space and add a touch of drama. Additionally, mirrors have the effect of making a small room appear much larger than it is.

Accent Lighting

Table lamps with intricate bases and sconces provide soft, ambient lighting for a cozy and romantic feel. Additionally, candles are always a must-have for providing a cozy and romantic lighting to any space.  

Dressing Tables

Vanity tables with ornate mirrors provide a dedicated space for grooming and add a touch of old-world glamour.

Creating The French Furniture Bedroom Design

A French-style bedroom is easy to achieve. The furniture doesn’t have to be matching. However, if that is your preference, you can always get a matching bedroom set. The French bed is a focal point of a bedroom.

You can make it even more distinctive with an elaborate metal bandstand or a carved wooden headboard. To really personalize it, you can add a stenciling design or even write a poem on it. You can consider placing a crown canopy above the bed.

Color Schemes

The color schemes of a French bedroom can vary depending on the French style. If you are going for more of a luxurious French countryside bedroom, you can achieve this through creams, lavenders, soft sky blue and sage green. However, if you want to go for more of a glamourous style, go with gold, yellows or dark browns.

Window Treatments

The window treatments are what makes a French-style bedroom. You can achieve a classic look combining linin or light fabric binds, toile nets or drapes and painted wooden shutters. The shutters can be either decorative and remain static or they can be functional and can be folded shut. There are a lot of inspirational pictures that can be found in magazines or on the internet that can offer design ideas.


The classic French style is very feminine, and that would not be complete without accessories. However, this does not mean that the space is cluttered. Rather this means leaning more towards maximalist rather than minimalist. You can do so much with accessories – add an ornate chandelier, dress up the bed with accent cushions, or display vintage bottles of perfume on vanity or dressing tables. Overall, the bedroom should feel luxurious, comfortable and welcoming.

About French Furniture Orlando

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